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Sakshi Computer Institute Affiliated to NCEB. Computer Education to all class of people in a very reasonable fees structure. Sakshi Institute also offers reasonable fees structure for financially weaker section who cannot afford the same. Sakshi Institute regularly organized workshops, seminars, conventions and Technical for the benefit of professionals and users of IT apart from conducting continuing education and professional development programs for a focused audiences of budding professionals’ researchers and students. The annual conventions are held in Different cities across India. Sakshi Institute also extends funding support for computer research projects as well as funds visits of researchers presenting papers at National conferences. The activities conducted for the students associated with the society include sectors meeting, seminars, conferences, training programs, programming controls and practical visits to installation. In the ever-changing environment. Sakshi Institute offers professional counseling being a great need of the hour and this is done by being in closed control with its young members through various events conferences symposia to name a few. Furthermore, as computer education in schools plays important role in students career development. We are work in website development & Web designing. and provide high performance websites and ERP etc. like College software, Hospital software, Mobile App etc.

Computer with the internet is the most powerful device that students can use to learn new skills and more advanced version of current lessons. The uses of computer and internet are growing day by day at high speed. In almost all businesses companies’ schools using computers for various official operations. Sakshi Institute is the platform for unchanging the abil and for better career opportunities. Here we assure the bright future of candidate in the computer education. In the current word it is almost impossible to imagine that someone can live without computers. They have become an electronic device of almost every day use for individuals of every age and essential in almost call the business dealing that are made nowadays. So, to provide all the education regarding computers to all the students Sakshi Institute successfully running many centers all over India which focuses on success of the candidate with the updated Technology and fertility in India